The purpose of The Football Foundation is to help vulnerable children in Denmark. Through a number of events, the Football Foundation will aim to raise awareness of child poverty, as well as raise funds for charitable organisations working to improve conditions for vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.

Our vision is for all children in Denmark to grow up in a safe, loving and caring environment. We believe that all children are entitled to a safe childhood, with love, trust and friendship. This helps to ensure a good and healthy development in the child, as well as social skills, for the benefit of the child, the family and the community.

The women behind

What we do

The Football Foundation aims to regularly organise fun events to raise funds for the benefit of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We are focusing on giving children who grow up in poverty, extraordinary experiences.

Our Charity Gala

An exclusive charity gala is held annually by The Football Foundation offering first class entertainment, prominent guests, surprises, and dancing until late into the night. At this event you will also be able to bid on unique auction prizes. The money collected through the The Football Foundation events will be donated in full to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Denmark.